I think Google’s headline proessing engine needs some tweaking.  Is “Clarksville forecast: Sunny, high near 80” the second most important top story???  :-)

I think Google’s headline proessing engine needs some tweaking.  Is “Clarksville forecast: Sunny, high near 80” the second most important top story???  :-)

My favorite interface paradigm, from the geniuses at Pixar.

My favorite interface paradigm, from the geniuses at Pixar.

Dock on the Right


I am one of those Dock-on-the-right weirdos and I hate that my desktop icons gradually drift out of alignment around the screen all day due to the changing size of the Dock. So I spent 30 seconds making cleanupd

Download it, customize the timeout if you like. Do a release build (or use the pre-compiled binary in builds). Copy it into /usr/local/bin. Run it backgrounded from the terminal: /usr/local/bin/cleanupd &

Hey presto, automatic desktop snap-to-grid clean up every so often, using whatever grid the Finder happens to be using this second.

Uh, enjoy?

Dock on the right is the way to go for me.  Especially when we have these 16:9 landscape-oriented screens, why would I want to use my precious vertical space when I’ve got plenty of width to spare.  :-)


David Benoit (presumably not the pianist) of the New York Times writing about Ray LaHood’s congressional testimony about the Toyota recall:

Testifying before the House appropriations committee, Mr. LaHood was asked what advice he would give to owners of Toyotas subject to the recall. “My advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it, take it to the Toyota dealer because they believe they have the fix for it,” Mr. LaHood said.

Stop driving it and take it to the Toyota dealer?  Presumably, they’d have to drive it to the Toyota dealer?  I’m seeing a giant fleet of tow trucks towing Toyotas to dealers…


Ben Sisario of the New York Times points out:

After a punishing decade for the music industry, the voters of the Recording Academy, the organization that bestows the awards, reversed its recent trend of showering acclaim on modest sellers, sticking instead to the biggest names in entertainment. Right behind Beyoncé, with three awards each, were the Black Eyed Peas, a powerhouse of radio-friendly hip-hop, and the alternative rock band the Kings of Leon.

Hmmm…  I was lead to believe that the Grammys were supposed to be about recognizing artists of particular musical accomplishment, regardless of sales.  What gave me that idea?  Maybe it was this paragraph of NARAS’s (the organization that runs the Grammys) charter?

The GRAMMYs are the only peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position.
Too Many Notifications

I’m thinking that the iPhone OS should have something that supresses notifications when I’m near my desktop computer.  This should be possible because the Bluetooth knows when I’m within my desktop’s proximity.  This will prevent my desktop machine and iPhone simultaneously alerting me to a meeting invite.

When I’m away from my desktop the alert is warranted, but when I’m at my desktop machine it’s redundant (not to mention annoying).


UPDATE 1: @naveen mentioned http://code.google.com/p/reduxcomputing-proximity/ sort of does this though I want the iPhone to disable it’s updates because it’s usually in my pocket.

UPDATE 2: Airlock (http://themha.com/airlock/) is also a possibility, but still desktop-based.

Audio Quality Matters?

I could probably argue all day about the merits of audio quality and how it’s been generally deteriorating over the years because of radio and compression formats (MP3, etc.) that have become common place.

My friend Ryan Provost sent me this link: http://crave.cnet.co.uk/digitalmusic/0,39029432,49303980,00.htm

While they have a disclaimer in there indicating that it wasn’t meant to be an objective, scientific test, the writers clearly are confused about how compression algorithms work.

The bitrate is definitely not the only thing to consider — AAC+ is far superior than the first generation codecs (MP3, Vorbis, etc.).  I won’t say that I’m as experienced with Vorbis files as I am with MP3, AAC, or AAC+, but I wasn’t impressed the first time I heard it.

Moral of the story: Think before doing any sort of test and make sure you’re testing the right thing and understand what the results mean.

Oh yeah — and put those MP3s away!


…thrilled to be even peripherally involved.


Congratulations Naveen, Dennis, and Harry!!!

Date/Time input boxes

Something I’ve wondered for a while:

I could swear that there was a scheduling program that worked exactly like this back in the Mac OS 9 days — when entering a time into a text box if I type a number like ‘4’, assume that I mean PM and not AM.  That way you don’t inadvertently make mistakes that schedule meetings across day boundries.

iCal designers?

New York City Morning.

New York City Morning.