a simply beautiful installer…

a simply beautiful installer…

Talking with the Ruby debugger.
Ruby:Hey Serge, there's a problem on line 26.
Sergio:Really? That line looks fine; 'if' something...blah blah blah
Ruby:Nah, it's bogus.
Sergio:What are you talking about?
Ruby:26! Fix it! Now! (repeat for an hour)
Sergio:Wait a minute, there actually is a problem on line 46 -- but that's not 26! What's up with that?
Ruby:You expect me to know the difference between 26 and 46?
jruby and rake tasks

Anyone out there using JRuby may note that it has some issues with rake.  I noticed this in particular with a Rails app that I’m building where I wanted to write some rake tasks that would be run from the command line.  You’ll wind up with something like this:

[sergio@localhost m2-cms]$ jruby -S rake load

(in /Users/sergio/Projects/github/m2-cms)
rake aborted!
uninitialized constant DynamicDocument::Base::SMDocument

(See full trace by running task with —trace)

As my colleagues on the #jruby channel of IRC pointed out, the issue stems from the fact that rake defines the import command which is probably being used in your Ruby code that’s including the Java object.  The solution is to change “import” to “java_import”

Seems trivial enough — but Googling around didn’t find this, so I figured I’d write it down…


A cool new social networking game written by some really talented individuals.

We borrowed too much money.
first post

It seems like everyone has a blog – does that mean I should have one too?